LBD Sounds – East Europe via London
  • Lotus Wash – Field Theory

    LBD sounds · Lotus Wash – Field Theory [LBDTAPE006] – snippets Lotus Wash drops his debut album on LBD Sounds, bringing a whole load of fresh […]
    Lotus Wash - Field Theory tape
  • TWO II – Nights In The Dungeon

    LBD sounds · TWO II – Nights in The Dungeon [LBDAUDIO003] – snippets 2020 had hit us all hard, but there’s always something there to lift […]
    TWO II - Nights In The Dungeon
  • 300 Degrees – Naujas

    300 Degrees is a solo project by Lithuanian producer Audrius Vaitiekunas dedicated to the sound of classic Roland analogue machines. After featuring on their last year’s […]
  • Arban D. – Nahual Rhythms

    Little Beat Different deliver another album-length release on digital and a limited edition of cassette tapes. This time, it’s a young hardworking Italian Davide, found in […]
  • Alexander Goldscheider – lbdissues002

    In its second venture into reissuing hidden gems of electronic music produced in Eastern Europe in the 20th Century, LITTLE BEAT DIFFERENT ISSUES focuses on the […]
    Little Beat Different deliver a stunning, otherworldly release full of cascading synths and interstellar rhythms from Czech composer and producer Alexander Goldscheider. Pick your jaws up off the floor!
  • VA – Evidence found no.1

     For our first anniversary as a label, we have prepared a compilation of tracks by our closest associates, collaborators and some randomly found favourites, who […]
    Evidence Found No​.​1 is an Anniversary compilation curated by the London Based label Little Beat Different. Featuring the likes of “Dempa” and “Regular Customer” as well as some found favorites, this compilation is driven by a powerful roster.
  • D’Marc Cantu – True Nature

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    D'Marc Cantu latest offering for Little Beat Different is, well, rather different in comparison to his usual club oriented output.
  • Dempa – Charter Of The Forest

    Rumour has it, that Dempa is an actual person. Not many people have seen him recently, mainly because he likes to spend his time locked in […]
    There's 4 distinctive tracks on this EP, mostly exploring techno territories. All are very much dancefloor-ready, although the dancers are required to possess a somewhat acquired taste.
  • Regular Customer – Yeast

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    Regular Customer debuts his first full length EP on Little Beat Different.
  • Orm – Edits

    It only makes perfect sense for old school to meet new school and for ORM to have their original tracks reimagined by our selection of current […]
    It only makes perfect sense for old school to meet new school and for ORM to have their original tracks reimagined by our selection of current producers.
  • Bonasforsa – Uno

    Bona Sforsa was a 16th century Polish queen of Italian origin. So much for a little history lesson. Jump a few centuries forward and you’ll find […]
    New moniker of Italian-Polish producer duo Rico Casazza and Krzysztof Kozber.
  • ORM – lbdissues001

    Originally formed as a disco group in the late 1970’s, pioneers of electronic dance music in former Czechoslovakia, Petr and Pavel quickly rose to fame as […]
    The first Little BEat Different reissue is a compilation by project ORM, the moniker of Czech producer team Petr and Pavel ORM.