Alexander Goldscheider – lbdissues002 – LBD Sounds
The first Little BEat Different reissue is a compilation by project ORM, the moniker of Czech producer team Petr and Pavel ORM.
ORM – lbdissues001
November 18, 2016
Evidence Found No​.​1 is an Anniversary compilation curated by the London Based label Little Beat Different. Featuring the likes of “Dempa” and “Regular Customer” as well as some found favorites, this compilation is driven by a powerful roster.
VA – Evidence found no.1
May 9, 2018

In its second venture into reissuing hidden gems of electronic music produced in Eastern Europe in the 20th Century, LITTLE BEAT DIFFERENT ISSUES focuses on the work of a Czech composer, musician and producer, Alexander Goldscheider.

Born in Prague in 1950, Goldscheider started as a music correspondent in New York in 1968/69, went onto reading Music at Charles University whilst continuing as a music critic and radio/club DJ, before becoming a record producer at the top Czech label, Supraphon. As a composer, he pioneered the use of synthesizers in his songs for major Czech pop/rock singers as well as in his own instrumental tracks. After moving to London in 1981, he first recorded two albums at the renowned Red Bus Studios, then proceeded to work at the legendary BBC Radiophonic Workshop, before co-founding and establishing Romantic Robot, a software and hardware design and manufacturing company which later moved into music recording and publishing. Of the many original products, THE MUSIC TYPEWRITER was ground-breaking software enabling the writing and printing of real notation on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Similarly TEREZÍN: THE MUSIC 1941-44 was the first ever release of CDs with music written in the Theresienstadt Concentration Camp during World War II.

Goldscheider’s 1980s LPs THEMES FOR A ONE-MAN BAND Vol I & II reflect his work as a solo artist, always writing, recording and producing single-handedly. He had, though, a team of technical aficionados and inventors back in Prague, who adapted and developed his electronic music equipment incl. synthesizers, sequencers and even a Studer multitrack recorder, thus creating a revolutionary set-up, on par with the much later MIDI.

This LP samples Alexander Goldscheider’s music produced for records, films, TV and even an art exhibition in the space of 25 years starting from 1975.