12″ / LBD Audio – LBD Sounds

Mainly focused on contemporary techno and house suited for the dancefloor use. Not relying on big names, we would like this to be the home for young and up and coming talent, with the occasional help of a better known artist on a remix duty.

  • TWO II – Nights In The Dungeon

    LBD sounds · TWO II – Nights in The Dungeon [LBDAUDIO003] – snippets 2020 had hit us all hard, but there’s always something there to lift […]
    TWO II - Nights In The Dungeon
  • Dempa – Charter Of The Forest

    Rumour has it, that Dempa is an actual person. Not many people have seen him recently, mainly because he likes to spend his time locked in […]
    There's 4 distinctive tracks on this EP, mostly exploring techno territories. All are very much dancefloor-ready, although the dancers are required to possess a somewhat acquired taste.
  • Regular Customer – Yeast

    Mauris eget sem ac turpis in interdum malesuada. Nullam eleifend in, mauris. Fusce suscipit faucibus a posuere.
    Regular Customer debuts his first full length EP on Little Beat Different.