ORM – lbdissues001 – LBD Sounds
New moniker of Italian-Polish producer duo Rico Casazza and Krzysztof Kozber.
Bonasforsa – Uno
February 17, 2017
Little Beat Different deliver a stunning, otherworldly release full of cascading synths and interstellar rhythms from Czech composer and producer Alexander Goldscheider. Pick your jaws up off the floor!
Alexander Goldscheider – lbdissues002
June 7, 2018

Originally formed as a disco group in the late 1970’s, pioneers of electronic dance music in former Czechoslovakia, Petr and Pavel quickly rose to fame as the country’s eminent pop producers. Working with the then icons of the communist Czechoslovak scene such as Karel Gott and Josef Laufer, they stand behind countless hits from that era. However, not many knew that the duo also released their own records, whose sound and artistic direction was different to their mainstream pop productions. This compilation cherry-picks the tracks from 4 different albums released between 1979 and 1984.


The Vinyl Factory: Meet the duo who smuggled synths into Communist Czechoslovakia to make pioneering electronic music
Electronic Beats: How Electronic Music Was Changed Forever By Czech Smugglers