300 Degrees – Naujas – LBD Sounds
TWO II - Nights In The Dungeon
TWO II – Nights In The Dungeon
September 29, 2020
Arban D. – Nahual Rhythms
November 6, 2018

300 Degrees is a solo project by Lithuanian producer Audrius Vaitiekunas dedicated to the sound of classic Roland analogue machines.

After featuring on their last year’s Evidence Found No.1 compilation under his IJO alias, Audrius delivers his first album-length release for Little Beat Different.

300 Degrees’ lush, drifting chords are delicately hung in space and drawn forward by thrumming acid melodies. As the album travels on, these propulsively beatless visions coalesce into cold, reverb-drenched deep house, dive into dank, slo-mo electro, and perform warmly melancholic echoes of rave and IDM.

Sound-wise the deepest release so far on this label will finally see the light of day in May on digital and cassette tape.