Oli_N invites Omar Santis for Harry’s B2B – LBD Sounds
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August 9, 2018
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December 21, 2018

Some fresh faces from around our city’s underground emerge for a night at Harry’s!

Omar Santis b2b Oli_N (Little Beat Different)

Chilean born Stockholm/Tokyo based, Omar has cut a name for himself on some of the finest labels – such as Woodsmen & Lady Log, Karakul and Svedjebruk. His style could be described as low slung, immersive house with a focus on keeping that dance floor grooving. We’re BIG, BIG fans.

Originally from Czech Republic, Olin spent a good couple of years behind the counter of Phonica Records whilst running various events & residencies under the moniker Little Beat Different, which later became a record label. It reflect Olin’s broad taste as it ranges from funk & disco to dream house and way beyond.

Come check these two out in Sydney & listen to their B2B here ->