Olin @ Radio Laude – chuggy 2020 Favorites – LBD Sounds
Gari - Grooveline podcast 075
Gari – Grooveline podcast – dub favorites
January 20, 2021
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October 2, 2020
Olin @ Radio Laude 9/12/20


June11 – Jehudah [Stroom]
Pantene – Just Business [Super Utu]
Suzanne Ciani – A Sonic Womb Pt. 2 [Lapsus Records]
C.P.I. – Walking And Falling [Hivern Disc]
Nick Nicely – DCT Dreams [Strand]
Torr & Rich – Balinese Gat [unreleased]
Conrad Praetzel – Corpus Delicti [Paleo Music]
Arawak – Hardware [Golden Pavilion Records]
Logic System – Automatic Collect, Automatic Correct [Wewantsounds]
Lotus Wash – Higgs Fields [LBD sounds]
Air Liquide – Stratus Static [Rising High Record]
Rick Wakeman – phantom power [Jimco Records]
Two Thou – Mantra in Four Fifths [Gifted Culture Collective]
International Noise Orchestra – Veena Via Video [self released]
Shelley Parker – Angel Oak [Hessle Audio]
Cosmo Vitelli ft. Andrew Claristidge – The Horse Incident [I am Cliche]
Kiyoaki Iwamoto – Don’t Go Too Far Away [EM Records]
Art Teachers – Kommentar [Mélodies Souterraines]
Marcy Luarks & Classic Touch – Electric Murder [Kalita Records]
Rockmelons – Hypnotheque [Truetone records]