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October 2, 2020

He has been playing records for more then 2 decades, holding residencies in clubs like Larm. You can catch him monthly on in his Pink Eyed Blue series where he presents versatile recordings from a live archive of Ivkovic’s sets to local artists mixes and selections. He is also know as one of the legendary Lick the click! residents and many more.

Our personal connection started back in 2009, when he was one of the highlights of Olin’s trip to Budapest.  Experiencing the Lick the click! vibe & djs playing strictly records on the upper deck of boat A38 was the one of the main triggers back then to start collecting records again and organise parties in different places then night clubs. Fast forward 10 years, Olin started to communicate with Crimson about their similar musical tastes and here we go, this is the mix he did for our podcast series! 

Hey man! Hope you are doing well, how are you coping with the current situation?

Hey Olin! I am fine, thanks. There are ups and downs, of course, but I am bloody lucky. Honestly, the only thing I have to cope with is taming somehow my 3 and a half year old hurricane-boy.

Clubs have been closed in Hungary since October, are you doing any music related activities (listening, mixing etc.) at home or radio?

Yes, I am. Listening to music takes half of my nights. So I am always sleep-deprived, but very inspired at the same time. To be honest, digging music for me never was as exciting as nowadays. Yeah, I need escapism on an extra level these days, I guess.

I have a monthly radio show called Pink Eyed blue on and a project with Imre, as we love to play together as Crimson and Kiss. In most cases it is about dark or nervous music in very slow and long sets, but last time we forgot ourselves in a new age kinda mood.

I’m also taking a part in a newly started project named Ideal Fears with Imre and DJ Tsu and our breathtakingly talented visual supporter Kati Katona, with nightmarish, otherworldly and cosmically elevated atmospheres in focus.

What are your favorite recent vinyl releases?

It is Key, the vinyl cut of an Omni A.M album or the last release on Ladybug. But my absolute fave one from last year is the Oimachi EP by Imre Kiss on Dalmata Daniel. But I was very happy to get an old Layo & Bushwacka! 12” too.

Recently I’ve been buying post punk, goth classics, favourites, rarities again. My last catch is the first press of Wings Of Joy by The Cranes.

I’ve been buying and playing digital releases for a while. After more than two decades of vinyl only DJing it’s very practical, but my hunger for vinyl is constant. Making a good selection of digital stuff is not easier or less of a value for me, but when I put an exciting record on, it makes me feel my DJ life is whole again. It sounds like a cliche, but it’s totally okay for me. I’m a traditional goth, so I need cliches.

Your deep passion for digging could be easily spotted from your sets. How long have you actually been collecting records and what’s the size of your collection?

I’ve been collecting music for 29 years now and vinyl since 1997. I don’t know the punctual size, never really cared, but as far as I can estimate it contains seven thousand records at least and hundreds of CDs.

creating soundtracks for dreams or dancing is still the best thing for me

Is there anything you think it’s going to change on the club scene after the pandemic is over?

I am aware of high expectations, but I truly hope there will be more naivety, curiosity and less pose or ridiculous trends, both behind the scenes and on the dancefloor, than I experienced pre-pandemic. Music and family helps me to survive the sick daily routine of political lunatics and other shit and creating soundtracks for dreams or dancing is still the best thing for me. I’ve no clue what is going to change or shape the scene in general, but I’m pretty sure about my own motivations behind the decks.

Can you share any recommendations for Hungary / Budapest spots & places that haven’t yet been ruined by Tripadvisor?

I love Budapest, but the countryside is lovely in many ways. I discovered the Zselic valley on the south-west last summer. Insanely green land, especially great for bikers and hikers. The three of us were just watching the lightning strikes and listening to the howling jackals for an hour from the terrace on the first night. That was magical.

Is there anything that are you looking for and realistically is going to happen in 2021?

I’m dreaming of a new, triple LP from The Cure and playing in the Dome at O.Z.O.R.A. festival all the time.


Colder: Crazy Love (Out of the blue Norscq Rmx)
Healing Force Project: Aether Drag
Silent Servant: Moral Divide (Endless)
Marco Shuttle: Qatar
Potter Natalizia Zen: Too Much Traffic
Peel Seamus: Wonderland
Drab Majesty: 39 By Design (Martial Canterel Remix)
Felicia Atkinson: Un Ovale Vert
Susumu Yokota: Morino Gakudan
Benedikt Frey: Dissolved Girl
Alexis Le-Tan: Butter Flies
Portable: Said It All
Human Leather: Rotted Youth
Becker / Stegmann / Zeumer: Abends